Smarthome for Constructors

Building Automation & Smart Home Benefits For Real Estate High competition in real estate market and reselling, and growing desire to invest in that sector, make the customer always search for unique properties.

Due to strong competition in real estate sector, and rapidly growing companies of construction and real estate investment, the customer is no longer able to distinguish between companies, hence he focuses on the property itself, or the so-called added value of IT services and applications whether for security or entertainment. Smart Home technology is the added value which makes you real estate project unique and more attractive

What are the added values your customer will get?

Home automation Systems increases the value of your home!

When selling a house, does home automation add to the home’s value? The answer is absolutely yes.If you’re looking to make your apartment more appealing, having a home automation system goes a long way toward making a strong first impression, distinguishing your home from others on the market is essential in selling your home quickly and getting the price you want.Imagine you are showing an apartment to a customer and picking up a remote control to open the curtains and turn off the lights with a single click. Any buyer unfamiliar with home automation is going to be immediately intrigued. You’ve just created interest and made your house memorable in the buyer’s mind. Any buyer already familiar with home automation is going to remember your home as a fellow home automation enthusiast.

Home Automation Will Save You Money!

Even though home automation requires some expenses to get started, if you give your system design some thought, you’ll find the long-term benefits can far outweigh your financial investment. The obvious ways are by reducing electric and heating bills. Installing a home automation security system can eliminate costly charges to secure your home. Installing a home theater or whole house sound system can reduce the number of times you go out each month for entertainment.

Home Automation is the way of the future

Home automation products are becoming a part of our everyday lives. Home automation products installed in new housing developments are becoming commonplace. Home security systems that can be remotely monitored by the homeowner are increasing at unprecedented rates. Downloadable media to be displayed on home theater screens are putting video stores out of business. The newest technologies of today are the everyday applications of tomorrow. Investing in home automation allows you to lead the way instead of following.